News at Moravian Village

A World Heritage Site, in Moravian Village’s Backyard

Do you know that less than a ½ mile away from Moravian Village, is potentially the 26th World Heritage site in the United States? Do you also know the parent company of Moravian Village, the Bethlehem Area Moravians is the owner of many of these historical sites? After a 20-year application process and over 283 […]

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True Spirit of Christmas is Alive in Bethlehem

Bethlehem did not create Christmas. Christmas created Bethlehem. These words were spoken back in 1937 at a public ceremony when Bethlehem was officially crowned with the title of “Christmas City USA.” 86 years later and our hometown still shines brighter throughout the holiday season than just about any other place on the planet. In fact, […]

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City Living: Senior Living Ramps Up Urban Options

Originally featured March 28, 2023 on Mather Institute By Ajla Basic A new trend in senior living is calling for an increase in urban designs amongst older adult communities. McKnight’s Senior Living reports on changes being made as a response to the baby boomer generation’s preference for urban designs, and highlights a few of those […]

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Newest UNESCO World Heritage Site: Next Door to Moravian Village?

India’s Taj Mahal. The Great Wall of China. Egypt’s Great Pyramids of Giza. Pennsylvania’s Historic Moravian Bethlehem District. Waitaminnit!  What is Moravian Village’s next-door-neighbor doing in there with some of the most treasured sites on the planet? Understandably, the first three are on the UNESCO World Heritage List of historic sites, to be forever protected […]

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Life Planning: The Most Trustworthy Map for Your Unique Future

Every individual’s personal vision for their own retirement years is unique. But to make any retirement vision an achievable reality starts with a single experience proven to build the most life fulfillment and financial value into any retiree’s golden years. It’s called Life Planning. The purpose of Life Planning is to provide the best possible, […]

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