Paying it Forward

How do you enrich your life during retirement?  The possibilities are endless here at Moravian Village. From the music programs discussed last month to our gardening club hard at work,  there is no such thing as a boring day.   One of the most rewarding things I have witnessed so far with my employment at Moravian Village are the various programs designed to help and inspire children.

For starters, there are the “Broughal Buddies.” Each month a group of residents hop on our shuttle and get transported to Broughal Middle School.  Once there, they spend time helping 8th graders with homework and other assignments.

— Then come the “Joy Readers” –  Another monthly program where residents board our shuttle and get transported to Thomas Jefferson Elementary school to read to 2nd graders.

–Next up are the visits from Moravian Academy where middle schoolers come to spend time with our residents.

–Finally there’s the Donegan Pen Pals.  Residents are paired up with 5th graders at Donegan Elementary to write letters back and forth.

Some of these programs we see residents helping students, but it’s more than that.   If we dig a little deeper then we’ll notice something extremely important… The symbiotic relationship all four of these programs have between our elderly and the students. I came to this realization when the 8th graders from Broughal Middle School visited us last week.  The entire school year was spent with our residents helping them, so they paid it forward and came to us on their final day.  So many laughs were had along with an opportunity to see what a resident’s suite looked like!  Thomas Jefferson Elementary were soon to follow a week later.  Forty 2nd graders along with teachers stopped by for a pizza party in our garden. Each table had one of our residents they knew from the program.

Never a dull moment!

Great Company. Thoughts shared. Generations coming together. Companionships lasting a lifetime. This is what its like as a resident here at Moravian Village.

David Seaman

Life Enrichment