Before Snowflakes Fly, Get Ahead of the Physical and Emotional Costs of Winter

As the days continue to grow colder here in eastern Pennsylvania, a critical question for many Seniors looms: “Where will I be this winter…both physically and emotionally?”

Every individual’s answer may vary but the overriding reality is the same for all of us: Winter is tougher on Seniors. Spending winter alone can be a very cold experience from many perspectives, including personal safety, financial costs, emotional wellness, social engagement, strength of mind and spirit.

Considering these seasonal challenges, it’s no wonder that, historically, this pre-winter period has always been a peak time for us here at at Moravian Village to welcome new members to the warmth of our beautiful community in America’s Christmas City.

The timing makes perfect sense. The colder and darker months of winter pose serious risks for Seniors. Many of which can be avoided by moving into a premier life planning community like Moravian Village before the snowflakes fly. Here’s a quick look at both the physical and emotional reasons why this pre-winter window is the right time to make your own move.

PHYSICALLY, winter’s cold carries threats that are especially acute for Seniors. Outside the home, icy steps and sidewalks are leading causes of high-impact falls, hospitalizations and lengthy recovery times. Driving is considerably more dangerous and can limit access to family, food and medical care. Severe winter storms may further impede mobility for days on end and are an increasing cause of power outages which can knock out heating and communication. Higher costs for home heating bills? Absolutely, but they pale in comparison to the stratospheric repair costs for frozen pipes…or the legal woes if anyone slips and falls on your icy sidewalk. 

EMOTIONALLY, many Seniors experience isolation during the winter months’ shorter daylight and colder temperatures. Long period of loneliness can have many negative impacts on our our emotional health and wellness. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), commonly known as “winter depression, is just one of the risks to emotional health and wellness.

“Pennsylvania is a tough place for seasonal affective disorder. From November to March, it’s cold and gray. The disorder is more common in women than men,” says Dr. Krista Schenkel of the Penn State Medical Group. “Patients will present with classic signs of depression, including feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness or guilt, losing interest in activities, feeling sluggish, sleeping much of the time and weight gain.” 

ONE SOLUTION TO WINTER WORRIES is to make your move to the Christmas City before Mother Nature has a chance to reveal her darker, colder side. Here at Moravian Village of Bethlehem, our community members live in cozy luxury all winter long without any of the worries or unpredictable costs that come with homeownership. 

Perhaps even more importantly than the financial benefits are the emotional ones. Stimulating social engagement is our way of life here at Moravian Village. An abundance of fitness facilities and classes, entertainment and cultural activities fill calendar to keep our community family members’ minds and spirits strong. Opportunities for new friendships abound throughout this coming winter and all year round. 

And,because Moravian Village is located in the heart of America’s “Christmas City” our residents share in the rich cultural heritage, world-class history and seasonal magic that has defined our home since the original Moravian pioneers christened this settlement as “Bethlehem” back in 1741.

WHY WAIT? Winter is moving in fast and there are a limited number of luxury lifestyle suites available now at Moravian Village that you could be calling home before the first snowflakes fly. Our friendly team is here to help make this the best move you ever made.. So remember: “Snowflakes Fall, Friendship Calls”…contact us soon and make this one of the happiest winters of your life!