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Lifespan is an essential measuring stick. For many reasons, it’s important to quantify longevity numerically. In 1953, the average lifespan in the US was 68.71 years. 50 years later, it is 79.11 years. Thanks to modern medicine and societal advances, Americans are living longer by 10.4 years. All good.   

But isn’t there a more to life and longevity…beyond mere numbers? Here at Moravian Village of Bethlehem, we have always looked at life a bit differently. Instead of lifespan, we focus on healthspan. This approach is aligned with our community’s goal to extend and enrich the quality of life that each individual experiences along the way. 

Simply put, lifespan is the number of years someone lives. Healthspan is the number of years someone is in generally good health, a factor which contributes significantly to quality of life. Broadening each resident’s healthspan has been central to the Moravian Village mission for decades. It is evident in the mindful planning and programs we provide for each resident’s dietary nutrition, physical and emotional development, social and entertainment opportunities, and much more.  

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