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1. What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

Continuing care retirement communities are retirement communities with accommodations for independent living, personal care, and skilled nursing, offering residents a continuum of care. A person can spend the rest of his or her life in a CCRC, moving between levels of care as needed.

2. When should I consider moving into a CCRC?

We very often hear from our residents “I wish I had made the move sooner!” The timing for moving into a CCRC like Moravian Village is different for everyone, but we have found the sooner you move in, the more benefits you will be able to receive. Eliminating financial and healthcare uncertainties, enjoying maintenance free living and surrounding yourself with a fun, active, engaging community are just a few reasons to make the move sooner into your retirement than later.

3. What makes Moravian Village different?

When you visit Moravian Village, you’ll of course notice the beautiful apartments and cottages, the fine dining and multiple amenities, the top quality onsite healthcare, and the close proximity to a vibrant downtown with a variety of restaurant and entertainment options. But when you meet our residents and staff, you’ll find what truly makes us unique. The friendly, caring, supportive atmosphere, the personal attention and the timely service each person receives is of utmost importance. It is rooted in our Moravian traditions and is apparent in every facet of what we do. We encourage you to visit soon and experience it for yourself.

4. What insurances are accepted? Where does Medicare fit in?

The Healthcare Center of Moravian Village is Medicare certified, as is the out-patient therapy gym. Based on Medicare guidelines, services in these areas may be covered. Moravian Village also has agreements with several Managed Care Companies, and secondary insurers. Long-Term Care insurances can pay for all or a portion of our personal care services and skilled nursing services. Our staff is able to help you navigate through the process and ensure your benefits are applied correctly.

5. What are the Entrance Fee Options?

Moravian Village provides Estate and Non-Estate entrance fee options as listed below. The fee amounts vary by the size, occupancy and contract type chosen for your apartment or cottage.

    Option 1: Estate Preservation Plan
  • Guaranteed 75% refund of the entrance fee

  • The 25% balance declines by 4% per month for 25 months.

  • Available for cottages and apartments

    1. Option 2: Non-Estate Plan
  • Entrance fee is amortized over 50 months at 2% per monthly

  • Any remaining entrance fee dollars are refunded when the residence is vacated.

  • Available for apartments only

  • 6. Are there annual increases in monthly fees?

    There are annual fee increases. Please refer to the disclosure statement for specific details.

    7. What happens if we run out of money?

    The Moravian Village staff works closely with you during the application process to ensure the best lifestyle and financial match is made between you and the residence you choose. There is specific language in our agreements detailing the availability of financial assistance. There are eligibility conditions, including but not limited to, verification that the financial application made upon admissions was complete and accurate, and that there was not gifting of substantial assets or income.

    8. Is there a waiting list?

    Moravian Village has a number of apartments and cottages available now. If you are interested in a specific size or location, a waiting list is available.

    9. How much money do we need to live at Moravian Village?

    Our Moravian Village staff will work closely with you to examine all of the factors unique to you and your situation to help you determine the costs you can expect. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with our Director of Marketing to review your specific situation and needs.

    10. Do I have to be Moravian to live at Moravian Village?

    Moravian Village is a non-denominational community. We welcome residents of all race, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, religious creed, handicap or disability. There is no discrimination in the provision of care provided.

    11. What is meant by the phrase “levels of care”?

    Levels of care refer to the amount and degree of assistance you may need.

    Personal Care is available in our apartments and provides you with assistance in non-medical daily activities such as dressing, showering, remembering medications, filling prescriptions, cooking, cleaning…any or all of these things. At this level of care, you do not require 24 hour supervision and you can get around safely on your own with or without the use of assistive devices such as canes, walkers and wheelchairs.

    Skilled Nursing Care provides 24 hour care under the constant supervision of a skilled nurse. When you reside in the Healthcare Center, there is a Registered Nurse (RN) on site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    For additional details on the levels of care available and what is included with each, please speak with someone from our marketing team.

    12. Is there a minimum age for residency?

    Residents must be 55 or older to live at Moravian Village.

    13. Do I need renter’s insurance to protect my property?

    Renter’s insurance is needed to cover your belongings.

    14. Do I need long-term care insurance to move into Moravian Village?

    It is not required to have long-term care insurance to move in. Moravian Village does offer an optional self-funded Life Care Plan. This plan includes all services and amenities stated in our Continuing Care Agreement and provides Personal Care in apartments and Skilled Nursing Services in the Healthcare Center as needed for an unlimited number of days.

    There is a one-time non-refundable fee and an ongoing monthly fee per person. Contact our marketing department for specific plan details and discuss how it corresponds to an existing long-term care plan you may already have.

    15. As my needs change, what is the process for moving from a cottage to an apartment to skilled nursing?

    Since every person’s situation is unique, we work with each resident based on his or her specific needs. Moravian Village provides many options and choosing which is most appropriate is based on those individual needs and preferences. In some cases, with the support of hometown services, night-time caregivers, and/or family support, residents remain in their cottages as long as the environment remains safe. More frequently, Market Street Cottages residents want to move to an apartment where Moravian Village staff can provide a higher level of assistance and oversight in the management of medical care. In the apartments, all meals can be provided and personal care services can be delivered.

    Financially, the entrance fee you originally paid for your cottage transfers to the apartment. Based on the apartment you select, either a partial refund is made, or an additional fee is due. The monthly service fees you pay are reflective of the unit you select.

    Skilled nursing services are available to all residents, either for respite stays or for permanent transfer. Depending on the contract you selected when you first moved in, you either pay the current market rate for these services, or you continue to pay the services fees associated with your independent living accommodations.

    Regardless of your needs or situation, the Moravian Village staff is equipped to walk with you through the decision making process in a caring and supportive way.

    16. What parking is available?

    Ample outdoor parking is available for all apartment residents. For an additional monthly fee, underground parking is available. Each cottage has a garage, driveway and street parking.

    17. Are pets allowed?

    We welcome pets at Moravian Village. For our cottage residents all indoor pets are allowed. For apartment residents, a specific dog-friendly wing is available and other indoor pets are allowed in designated areas throughout the apartment building.

    18. What are the costs of using personal care services?

    Personal care is available in our apartments and these costs vary based on the level of services required. Current rate sheets are available upon request.

    19. What transportation is provided?

    Group outings for shopping, cultural events, recreational activities and more are scheduled on a regular basis by the Moravian Village staff. Transportation for these events is provided. Transportation for personal appointments and events is available on a fee for service basis. For details, speak with the Director of Life Enrichment.

    20. Is there storage space available?

    Cottages have ample storage space throughout with closets, garages and, in some units, basements. For apartment residents, there are very spacious closets. If additional space is needed, locked storage units are available in a variety of sizes underneath the apartment complex.

    21. Is there a meal plan included or offered cottage residents?

    Market Street Cottages residents are always welcome in our dining rooms on a fee for service basis. Meal plans are currently being considered, but not offered at this time.

    22. Is the Healthcare Center only for residents?

    The Healthcare Center treats both residents and individuals from the larger community.

    23. Is smoking permitted?

    Moravian Village is a smoke-free campus.